aku dapat ipad SEBAB

Assalamualaikum wbt semua , selamat pagi malaysia or yg berada diluar kawasan :D hopelly have a nice day's ^_^ so ! staright to the point dengan tajuk diatas ? wahhhh ! 'aku' dapat ipad sebab jual ORGAN !!! WHAT ?! bukan aku lahhhhh , but remaja remaja di china ( yg aku tau lah ) sanggup menjual organ dorang semata-mata demi ipad , iphone , iphone 2 , iphone 3 *eh ? ada ke ? ahh ! whatever ... aduhhh korang tak sayang ke organ korang tu ? maybe cik sue rasa korang ni kejar trend kannn .. ( tak nak tuduh ) jom dengar pengakuan jual salah satu organ untuk ipad ! ( uish best laah mike dapat ipad -.-' )

budak jual organ

A Chinese teenager has sold his kidney to buy an iPad and iPhone.
:: Commentary on this video is in Mandarin
Xiao Zheng, from the country's south-eastern Anhui province, is believed to have met a broker on the internet who said he could help him sell his kidney for £1,825 (Yuan 20,000).
He is said to have left a message for the middleman saying: "I want to buy an iPad 2."
Zheng then travelled to Chenzhou in central Hunan province, where he had his right kidney removed in a hospital.
His mother told reporters she was devastated by the news.
She said: "When my son came home he had a laptop computer and an Apple phone.
"Where did all that money come from? Only when he could bear it no longer did he tell us.
"He said, Mum, I sold my kidney.
"When I heard it I felt like the sky was crashing down on our family."
The boy's mother alerted police after she found out but they were unable to locate the broker as his phone was switched off.
The hospital was not authorised to perform organ transplants, and claimed they had no idea about the surgery because the department had been contracted to a businessman from a neighbouring province, reports said.

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